A 7 Day Blueprint helping you to set your goals and mindset up for success so you can get started online with ease.

Do you feel like ....

→ You want to feel motivated and need some inspiration to take the leap

→ You don't know where to start online. And when you try you feel overwhelmed?

→You're a bit insecure and not sure if you can do it

→You're not sure how to set clear goals 
Well.... it's time to say bye-bye to those thoughts & finally learn how to create solid goals with a mindset that will last a lifetime.  

✨Your blueprint to get started online with some kickass goals & Mindset.✨

A 7 Day Roadmap That Will Blow Your Mind. Literally. 🧠

After these 7 Days, You will....

✅ Finally conquer your doubts and take the next steps to achieve your dreams

✅ Learn how to make solid goals so you know exactly where your focus should be

✅ Finally start learning the mindset that's needed for success

✅ Know exactly what you can do now to get started online after watching our webinar

Have we met?

Jet is a former travel blogger and influencer that now created various programs and courses to help people make an online income without the need of followers or social media. Jet teaches thousands the most essential digital skills. So they can either Freelance Online or Start Their Own Online Business. She helps them to gain the skillset & teaches how to monetize those acquired skills too.

Her biggest passion is her apprenticeship program, where she offers resources and support to people in underprivileged countries that are interested in the online world. The apprentices also get opportunities to work in one of Jet's companies after completing the program.

Moreover, Jet also owns a modern day Digital Marketing Agency (Setters Media) and an Augmented Reality Development company(AR Setter). Setters Group is the main umbrella for the several concepts that Jet created.
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